10 Things A Computer Engineering Graduate Must Do to ensure better career and future.

1. First thing, make friends and enjoy college life. These 4-5 years of life will never come back and the memories you end up making will be there with you for rest of your life.

college friends and college life

2. Focus on atleast one technology and try to master it. It can be either Front End development, Data Structure Algorithms, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing.

Machine learning, Artificial inelligence, Data Structures abd algorithm

3. Try to improve your problem solving skills.It helps a lot in long run.

problem solving skills

4. Sign up on LinkedIn and add some good connections.Networking is very important in IT industry and you never know when you need some help.

linked in Networking

5. Do some globally verified certifications in the technologies you want to build you career in. This implies you are serious about taking you knowledge and experience in another level.

IT certifications

6. When you are in 3rd year and 4th year of you engineering try to get sponsorship for your mini project and final year projects.

project sponsorships

7. Try for 3 months internship in some good organization. Even if your college does not provide opportunities, try to get it from LinkedIn connections.It matters a lot.


8. Along with your coding skills, try to work on aptitude and logical reasoning ability.For freshers most of the time during recruitment, organization keep aptitude and logical tests along with Programming questions as a elemination round.

aptitude and logical skills

9. Improve your communication skills especially in English language. It matters a lot when you want to move up in the hierarchy of organization and also boost up your visibility when you demonstrate the work you have done well.

communication skills

10. Try creating a website or youtube channel of your own which will work as your passive income.It may or may not have to be related to programming. Just dedicate half or one hour in a day for it.