The Discovery Of America

In this post, we are going to discuss an interesting topic “The Discovery Of America”.

As most of you might know “12 October” is Observed as Columbus Day, a national holiday in many countries of America. This Day marks the arrival of Christopher Columbus on American continents dated back to 12th October 1492.

But is it true? were there no people on American continent before Columbus?
Was Columbus really the first person to discover America?

There are a lot of theories that defy this belief. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Irish Monk

One of the theory suggests that a six centuries Irish monk named “Saint Britain” sailed to North America on a “currach “(currach is nothing but a wooden boat covered with an animal skin).
His journey is mentioned in ancient records of Ireland. However there is no evidence that makes this clear, but in 1976, a writer Tim Severn decided to prove this journey. He built the replica of currach ,the boat which Irish monk used and he sailed a along the road described by the traveling monks and surprisingly he landed in the Canada.

The Vikings

The Vikings early journey to North America are well accepted as historical facts by most of the scholars now.
Around 10th century Viking Explorer “Leif Erikson” sailed to a place which he mentioned as “Vinland” which is of course now the Canadian province of Newfoundland. There were no proof of this theory as well but from 1960 for seven years Norwegian Explorer Helge Ingstad and his wife an archaeologist Anne Stine Ingstad along with the international team of archaeologists exposed the foundation of eight separate buildings after some digging. So finally in 1969 Congress designated October 9 as Leif Eriksson Day and officially accepted this fact.

The Chinese Theory

A small group of scholar do believe that the Muslim Chinese from the Ming Dynasty discovered America 71 years before Columbus actually did it. In the book “1421:The Year China Discovered America” it is mentioned that it’s Xing, a sailor at that time sailed to the east coast of United States and may have established some settlements
in the South America. But most of the historians believe and say that the “China first” theory is full of loopholes as America has always been the land of immigrants.

There must be a question so if Columbus wasn’t the first why does he get all of the credit. To be honest, he was the one who opened the America to Europe. Europe at that
time was a colonial power.

To the contrast some people do believe that neither Columbus nor Vikings were the first, there were already people present on American continents and their ancestors must have came first.

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