10 Most Popular Sports in the World



Footbal/Soccer is the one sport that the whole world can agree upon to be the most watched sports in the world.
Over half of the entire world’s population watches fifa world cup every four year.

Various club competitions, Champions League, European Leagues and huge cash flows makes it unbeatable choice thoroughly to which very few would disagree.
Even the onine multiplayer gaming industry is ruled by various footbal games like FIFA by EA sports.

2. Cricket


Cricket’s popularity is mainly attributed to the British Empire and their determination to spread their culture across the world.

Cricket games have two teams of eleven players looking to score the most runs. Internationally, it has 3 prominent formats- Test Match, One-Day International and T 20.

Thanks to Indian Premier Leagues and other such club competitions Cricket’s popularity is in prominent rise.

3. Field Hockey

Field Hockey

There are two fomrats of hockey : field hockey and ice hockey.
Field hockey (or hockey played on a field of grass) is popular in India and Pakistan and other asian and European Countries.
Ice-hockey is much popular in the US and Canada.

India dominated this sport most part of the 20th century, Australia and Netherlands seems to be lot stronger teams now.

4. Basket Ball

Basket Ball

Basket Ball started in late 19th Century, quickly becoming a prominent sport. USA, Canada, Japan China are the major countries concentrating the fanbase of it.

Its popularity can be attributed to the fact that not much equipment is needed besides two baskets and a ball making it an accessible sport regardless of class.

5. Tennis


Tennis is widely recognized as most famous individual sports played in the world. It is globally watched, recognized, and played sports. It has four major tournments throughout the year namely – Austrailian Open in January, French Open in May-June, Wimbledon in June-July and US Open in August-September.

6. Volleyball


Volleyball is a team sports which involves two teams, one on either side of a raised net, trying to put the ball on the ground of the opposing team’s side of net for points. Volleyball invloves reasonalbly good popularity accross almost all countries in the world.

7. BaseBall


BaseBall though assumed to be descended from english cricket has been more popular in America then elsewhere in the world.Baseball involves two teams trying to hit a ball with a bat between two white lines,and batters running around a series of bases to score points.

8. Rugby (American Football)


Rugby invloves two teams trying to either kick, carry, or pass a ball over a goal line to score points. Rugby is a human contact sport which involving a lot of strength and tackling. Both Rugby and American footbals seems to be originated from older version of rugby played in british empire, but now over the period of times the rules are evolved to so much difference, they are identified distinctly.



To surprise many, Badminton seems to have make cut in top 10 sports played accross the world due to its immense popularity in China, Japan, India and some european countries as well. It is played internationally as 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 players where players try to ground the shuttle on opponents side of net.

10. Golf


Golf, perhaps is one of the most popular pastimes sports in the world that involves trying to put a small ball in a hole with the fewest strokes possible. According to Golf Today, 60 million people around the world regularly participate in the sport.