Fall of Christopher Columbus

Due to recent incidents of racisms, many orgnaisations are taking down symbols of hate such as monuments, memorials. In midst of that one controversial historical figure has come back into the spotlight : Christopher columbus.

Native American activists believe Columbus was responsible for centuries of indigenous genocide. 

However, for many Italian Americans Columbus has always been an important symbol in their heritage. 

Is Fall of Columbus Statue Justified ?

Christopher Columbus(1451 – 1506), a 15th century navigator was born in the Republic of Genoa (today : Italy).

Christopher Columbus in his life completed four major expedition accross the atlantic oceans. This led to the way for European exploration, expansion ,exploitation and colonization of America.

As most of you might know “12 October” is Observed as Columbus Day, a national holiday in many countries of America. This Day marks the arrival of Christopher Columbus on American continents dated back to 12th October 1492.

Columbus when reached american continent, found new foods, animals and indigenous people who, according to him were childlike and could be easily turned into slaves.While returning, he also captured some and took them back with him.

Some states including Michigan, Wisconsin and the District of Columbia had already renamed Columbus Day as an ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Day’ in the recent years to give recognition to the native populations who were exploited.

Coming back to todays situation, Statues, flags and displays of Confederate or racist symbols are being removed across America, amid widespread protests calling for an end to systemic racism.

In the similar campaign, when focus turned to Columbus, many states started removing the Columbus statue. But of them all most important are the series of event taking place in the city of columbus.

Columbus is the largest city in the country to be named after columbus. There are three major Christopher Columbus statues in the city at : the City Hall , State Community College and in front of the Ohio Statehouse.

On tuesday night , the Columbus statue at City Hall and State Community College were vandalized after the school’s announcement. Similar statues were being targeted by protesters across the country amidst demonstrations over racisms.

There are many points that needs to be taken into consideration. Does mere removing the statues assure there won’t be racism. Columbus city and many others throughout the country are named after Christopher Columbus. This may feel like destruction of history . If it was done for the city were the residents had a say in it ?

It is always easy to remove statues, flags, monuments, but until you remove the hate from your heart all of that means nothing.

Also what next then, are we going to rename the Columbia city. Are we in future going to erase the history as per convinience?

To be honest, removing the statue is not a problem, we can do it anytime, but for what extent can we can change the historical things. Can we not accept that it was history, and learn from it to not repeat the mistakes and eradicate this norms of inequalities from our heart and head.

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