Battling through Life!

Life is a beautiful gift! Acknowledged by all, why is it sometimes we fail and go beyond our capacity to take drastic measures to end it?
Probably this is not a very easy question to answer or even understand, as it may seem!

Recent incidents on extreme measures taken by people to end lives definitely leave our heart aching and when those are someone who are so much loved, established and who people look up to. Its from all sorts of community, that we get to hear the incidences now and then.

Life is fragile and so are the people. Life is easy and so are the people. Life could complicate but is it made by the people?

The fear of failing, fear of judgement, fear of not living up to the expectations, fear of not fitting into the society, fear of acceptance and many such more…
Are these fancy benchmarks set by the society or ourselves to achieve them really paying tolls on our lives?

Today’s human is so vulnerable. We have lost patience. We have forgotten how to be kind. We have forgotten how to love and be loved. We are constantly running and moving forward to make a livelihood. We have insane expectations and reality lives far away from it. So when it hits us, it hits us hard and take us down from where we do not know what is the way back, because in first place we had never really been with ourselves.

Humans are very complex and so have they made their lives. There are many aspects to it – Emotional, Physical and then comes the materialistic lives that we dream of!
We tend to take care of the later two but we fail to manage the first one – our emotional well being. We learn and tend to give importance to everything except ourselves. So when we reach a certain point in life where we start to feel the void, because we never really tried to be ourselves at first place, we surrender.
People do fight and they fight really hard…sometimes only to succumb.

Definitely Goals, Passion, achievements keeps the drive of life on and are necessary but lets not dedicate our lives to it.
Lets stop for a moment, appreciate the good things in life, throw away the pride, laugh hard with the dear ones, extend a helping hand, do not shy away when you need one, be kind because you never know who is battling a war within, give your 100%, do not forget to live in the moment and keep rolling!

Life will happen but always know that you have to last till the end in the battle!

Let us know in the comments section if you are going through a rough patch in your life and reading through the article helped you in anyway. We would love to hear your stories and thoughts!

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